Help Out Before the Snow Flies!


Autumn is here once again, and a chill will soon be felt in the air reminding us winter is around the corner. As we gear up for the winter ski season we need to start preparing the trails to ensure the ski season kicks off nice and early.
As such, the Adopt -a-Trail program needs you. Volunteers are needed to claim a section from the nearly 40 kilometers of trail system and be responsible for pre-season maintenance, primarily brushing in preparation for the snow. Trail systems can be broken into small sections or large ones depending on the time you have available.
It’s a great way to get some fresh air out on the trails, either by yourself or with some friends and helps to make the trails safer and improve grooming of the trails once the snow falls. It is an opportunity to meet other club members during work parties ( Dates to be announced), become familiar with the trails before the ski season and enjoy the trails during the warmer months. Equipment, gas and safety equipment is provided by the club.
If you already have adopted a trail section or plan to keep your section from previous years Thank You! If you would like to claim a section or more information please contact Trish Anthony @ 597-5581 or email at<>
If you are planning on brushing and need to sign out equipment, the equipment is being stored at Randy and Thelma Cameron’s, 1701 Hwy 11b, phone 597-6801. Equipment including brush saws, axes, pole saws, long handled loppers, chain saws, gas and safety gear are provided by the club. People using the equipment are asked to use the sign out/ sign in form so that we are able to keep track of where the equipment is during the brushing season, log any equipment deficiencies, and maintenance required.
Clearing brush growing alongside a trail is an important adopter task. Without regular brushing, even a heavily used trail can become overgrown in a few years. Special attention should be paid to lateral branches alongside the trail. When covered with heavy snow, these extend down into the trail posing a hazard to both skiers and groomers, reducing both width and height of the trail. Classic only trails should be cleared approximately 6′ wide, while Skate/classic trails should be cleared approximately 12′ to 16′ wide if possible. Tree limbs at the edges should be trimmed back as high as you can reach.
Use of tools in trail maintenance carries some risks and hazards. Adopters are encouraged to use safety equipment either their own or that provided by the club. Basic safety equipment for all trail work includes sturdy boots, work gloves and safety glasses. The club has hard hats with face shields and chaps to wear while brushing. Maintain tools in good working condition, report any deficiencies, know your abilities and limits and take breaks as required.
The Beaten Path Nordic trails ski club is touted to be the largest, by distance, volunteer led cross country ski club in Northwestern Ontario and one of the only clubs with no employees at all. Simply clearing trails takes hundreds of volunteer hours. Any time that you can offer the Adopt-a-Trail program would be greatly appreciated.
Remember……. Many hands make light work.


Trish Anthony